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Ағылшынша шығарма (Менің үйім, менің хоббиім және мен жайлы)

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Ағылшынша шығарма іздесеңіз осы жерде біразің таба аласыз. Менің үйім, менің хоббиім және мен жайлы үш ағылшынша шығармалар осында бар.

Оқыңыз да өз бетімен аударуға тырысыңыз.

Менің үйім жайында ағылшынша шығарма (My house)

Осы қысқаша ағылшынша шығарма "Менің үйім" тақырыбына жазылған.

My name is Sarah, I’m thirteen years old. I was born in a small village called Kamenka and I live there. My father works on a farm, my mother does housework. I go to school and my younger brother tarries at home with mother.

It’s very beautiful in our village both in winter and summer; there are many forests and fields around. Besides that the Almatinka river runs in our village. There is a horse, two cows and also goats and chickens on our farm. Early in the morning before going to school I help my mother to milk the cows or feed the chickens.

There is a real Russian stove in our wooden house and when it’s cold my brother and I perch on it to warm ourselves. At the weekend my mother bakes the pies and we ride a horse with father. In May our whole family plants potatoes. Apple, plum, cherry trees strawberry plants and raspberrycanes grow around our house at our parcel. In summer we swim in the river, gather berries and mushrooms in the forest. Besides that my father can cook very delicious shashlik. In the evenings we go fishing.

In winter we like to toboggan and make the snowman. I love my rustic home.

Менің хоббиім жайында ағылшынша шығарма (My hobby)

My name is Olzhas. I’m thirteen years old. Everybody must have an ardour for something or an activity he likes to do in a free time.

My hobby is collecting stamps. In the childhood my father collected stamps too. I liked his collection very much and I decided to carry on the tradition. My father helped me to begin collecting stamps. He had several repeated stamps and he gave me them. Also my grandmother found several old envelopes and gave me the stamps. I joined a club of stamp collectors and made new friends who have the same hobby. Now I can exchange stamps and discuss our collections.

All my stamps are kept in the special albums. They are divided into different themes. I have a lot of stamps with images of flowers, plants and famous people.

I like my hobby.

Өзім жайлы шығарма

My name is Sarah. I’m a typical teenager. I study at the 9th form of a secondary school and my favourite subjects are Biology and Chemistry. In the future I want to become a professional doctor.

At the moment I’m working hard to pass the end of year exams. After that, I can choose either to continue studying at high school, or to enter a medical college. I prefer the latter, because that way I will be able to learn the basics of medicine earlier. Apart from the choice of future career, teenagers have many other problems, for example, first love.

Last year I met a guy that I liked. I thought he was my first love, but he actually chose to date my best friend Inna. It was a real shock for me and I felt frustrated. As time passed, I stopped worrying about it, but it still feels awkward seeing them together.

Another problem is the attitude of my parents towards my personal life. They want to know everything about me, my life, my friends, etc. From the one hand, I can understand their concern. After all I’m their only child. From the other hand, it’s depressing. It seems that I can’t even turn on my computer without their permission. They think that there is lots of harmful information online, so I need to be careful while surfing the net. I’m also not allowed to stay outside with my friends when it gets dark. I need to be home sharp at 10 pm. Perhaps they know better than me about life.

Another typical teenage problem that I couldn’t avoid is large amount of homework. This year I‘ve studied almost without weekends to get good marks in main subjects.

So, I think being a teenager is not easy, but it is an obligatory life stage for everyone.

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Эссе жайлы мына жерде мәлімет бар.

I’m learning English because English is the most common language of the world.

Ағылшын тілі жайлы эссе:

The second reason of learning English is to survive in other countries. I like a trip abroad. If you can’t speak English, you may be not able to buy things which you need because you can’t tell a clerk what you want to buy.

Being able to listen to and speak English is the one of the best way to solve those troubles.

The skill of English I would like to strengthen most is listening and speaking. I think that listening to and speaking English are the most important things for me. There are many ways of improving my listening skill. My way is watching American movies with focusing on sound of speaking. I like American movies, comedies and TV dramas. I don’t like studying, so I want to enjoy studying.

This way of improving listening skill is the best for me. And for improving speaking skill, I speak in front of the mirror about what happened at the day or what I think. This way of practicing speaking skill may be strange, but I think that this way is very effective to polish speaking skill. I was taught this practice way by my English teacher, who I respected. Thanks to him, I had a great interest in studying languages and other countries cultures and came to like English. And thanks to him, I could pass the exam.

I would certainly recommend you to learn English.

Жандос Алпысбай-ұлы

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