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Тіл туралы ағылшынша

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Тіл туралы ағылшынша нақыл сөздер, шығармалар осы жерде келтірілген. Бұларды оқыңдар.

Тіл туралы ағылшынша нақыл сөздер

Language is a theater ​of which words are the actors. Авторы Фердинанд Брюнетьер.

Тіл театр, ал сөздер актерлер деп тіке аударылады.

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. Авторы Людвиг Витгенштейн.

Тілдік шектеулерім, менің әлемімнің шектеулері боп табылады деп тіке аударылады.

Music is the soul of language. Макс Гендель.

Музыка тілдің жаны.

A different language is a different vision of life. Фредерико Феллини.

Өзге тіл, өмірге өзгеше қарау деп аударылады.

Ағылшын тілі туралы шығарма

Learning foreign languages is very important in today`s society because of progress in science and technology.

English is the language of the world. 75% of letters are written in English, over 60% of telephone calls are also made in English. More than 350 million people speak this language.

The number of second-language speakers may soon exceed the number of native speakers because millions of people all over the world, including Russia, study English as a foreign language.

The best method of studying English is To go to the UK, to the USA, Australia and other countries where it is the official language. There are many summer schools all over the world

As for me, I have already been three times to England and once to Scotland. It is a great experience to talk to native speakers and to listen to the speech of different nationalities. Sometimes it is difficult to understand Italian people or Chinese people because of their own accent and pronunciations

Master the language and your world will become much wider.

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